Posts about Solar Radiation Management

Solar Radiation Management describes a suite of proposed technologies that aim to reflect sunlight back into space before it warms the earth’s climate. These proposed technique would achieve this in one of a number of ways: by spraying sulphur dioxide or hydrogen sulphide into the stratosphere (the upper reaches of the atmosphere), by launching a 300 km2 barrier into heliosynchronous orbit, by making the albedo (reflectivity) of clouds, or by launching billions of reflective balloons into the stratosphere.

February 20, 2015

What If We Lost the Sky?

by Anna North (New York Times) What is the sky worth? This sounds like a philosophical question, but it might become a more concrete one. A report released last week... View Article

February 10, 2015

Climate Hacking Is Barking Mad

You can’t fix the Earth with these geoengineering proposals, but you can sure make it worse. by Raymond T. Pierrehumbert (Slate) Some years ago, in the question-and-answer session after a... View Article

February 10, 2015

Plan B? What Happened to Plan A?

Why we shouldn’t fund geoengineering experimentation, and what we still need to learn about the climate by Pat Mooney (ETC Group) The US National Academy of Sciences has released two reports... View Article

January 24, 2015

Is geoengineering research going outdoors?

by Blaž Gasparini and Prof. Ulrike Lohmann Geoengineering research has so far been confined to modelling and laboratory studies. Serious research outside of these limits has been a taboo because... View Article

October 7, 2011

U.K. Geoengineering Tests Delayed until Spring

by Sarah Fecht (Scientific American) Controversial tests of geoengineering hardware, initially set to start in October, have been delayed. The British government agency that provides funding to the project issued... View Article