Posts about Solar Radiation Management

Solar Radiation Management describes a suite of proposed technologies that aim to reflect sunlight back into space before it warms the earth’s climate. These proposed technique would achieve this in one of a number of ways: by spraying sulphur dioxide or hydrogen sulphide into the stratosphere (the upper reaches of the atmosphere), by launching a 300 km2 barrier into heliosynchronous orbit, by making the albedo (reflectivity) of clouds, or by launching billions of reflective balloons into the stratosphere.

September 30, 2011

SPICE put on ice

by Geoffrey Brumfiel (Nature) A British experiment to test technologies that could one day be used to manage the climate has been put on hold, in part due to the... View Article

September 27, 2011

Say No to the “Trojan Hose”

No SPICE in our skies, say environmental justice groups (ETC Group/Econexus) Over 50 concerned groups from around the world are calling on people to sign an open letter (here) asking... View Article