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January 14, 2009

Ocean fertilization experiment suspended

German science ministry demands environmental assessment before nutrient dumping can begin. by Quirin Schiermeier (Nature) The German science ministry has suspended a planned Indo–German ocean fertilization experiment in the Southern... View Article

November 12, 2007

Convention discourages ocean fertilization

International treaty aims to put rules on geoengineering. by Quirin Schiermeier (Nature) The parties to the London Convention, an international treaty that governs ocean pollution, have agreed that large-scale ocean... View Article

November 10, 2007

WWF opposes dumping of urea in Sulu Sea

by Jerome Aning (Inquirer) MANILA, Philippines — The World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) added its voice Saturday to the growing number of environmental groups opposing the dumping of urea... View Article

July 20, 2007

Iron to Plankton To Carbon Credits

Firm’s Emission Plans Have Critics Aplenty by Steven Mufson (Washington Post) A small California company is planning to mix up to 80 tons of iron particles into the Pacific Ocean... View Article