DEADLINE EXTENDED – FRIDAY APRIL 21 – Job Opening – Hands Off Mother Earth! (HOME) Alliance Coordinator

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The Hands Off Mother Earth! (HOME!) Alliance is a global alliance composed of international  civil society, Indigenous Peoples and environmental organizations that also work with front-line communities, grassroots organisations, Indigenous Peoples, lawyers and scientists, to monitor and challenge solar, marine and land-based geoengineering proposals and projects. The steering committee includes organizations such as the Heinrich Böll Foundation, ETC Group, Indigenous Environmental Network, Centre for International Environmental Law, and Friends of the Earth International. Over 200 organisations support the HOME alliance manifesto, opposing geoengineering as a false “solution”.  50+ organisations actively contribute to HOME’s numerous thematic and regional working groups. HOME engages and participates in international policy discussions, and works closely with other networks advocating for climate justice.

HOME! is now inviting applications for the position of the Coordinator. This role involves keeping the HOME! Core Team, Steering Committee and working groups organised, responsive to geoengineering and faucilitates the flow of information.

As the coordinator, you will develop an in-depth understanding of geoengineering to play an active role in network internal organizing, capacity building, supporting organisations to participate in political conversations and proceedings, and helping deliver strategic outputs of the HOME Alliance. The job is a mix of internal organization tasks and external affairs, often fast-paced with lots of variation. You will support the HOME Alliance to strengthen its membership structures and expand as an alliance.  Within the role, you will be trained by the current coordinator for your first 2-3 months, to ensure a good transition and handover. The current coordinator will be departing at the end of August to pursue a personal commitment, however will remain involved in the HOME! Alliance.

The successful candidate will:

  • Have a history of advocating for climate justice and experience of civil society networks/alliances
  • Have an understanding and experience of network coordination or/and organising and project management
  • Have an understanding (if possible, experience) of strategic and organisational development for civil society alliances
  • Have an ability to multitask, be proactive, be organised, be collaborative and take initative in a fast-paced environment
  • Be comfortable working online with international colleagues,in different timezones
  • Be able to travel internationally (approx. 1-2 times a year), for regional or international events
  • (Desirable) Have a general understanding of international fora and climate talks
  • (Preferred) Have experience in fundraising and engaging with funders.


  • The preferred candidate can be based anywhere in the world. The Global South is preferred.
  • The role is a part-time freelance contract, working initially 2 days/week for the first 3 months and then up to 3 days/week.
  • The rate of pay will be based on location and experience.
  • The initial contract will cover a 7 months period and we aim for an extension. The collaboration will be reviewed at the end of the contract. We aim for a multi-year collaboration.
  • Working language: English. Knowledge of French and/or Spanish are an advantage. 
  • Working hours should be compatible for international collaboration.

How to apply:

Applicants can send a 1-2 page letter of interest and CV (with two references) to

*If you are having any difficulties emailing your application to, please contact


Interviews: 11th-17th May 2023

Notified: By end May 2023 / early June 2023.

Start date: ASAP (ideally before early July 2023)


Terms of Reference for Coordinator of the Hands Off Mother Earth! (HOME) Alliance

The Coordinator of the Hands Off Mother Earth! (HOME) alliance shall perform the following functions and responsibilities as part of a part time freelance consultancy contract:

I. Core Team, Steering Committee, Coordinating Team and Working Groups

Starting responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and facilitate core team (scheduled) calls, aiming for at least one call every two weeks.
  • Coordinate and facilitate steering committee (scheduled) calls, consisting of a clear agenda, decisions making points and meeting structure; aiming for at least one call every month
  • Collaborate with the coordinating team when required

Additional responsibilities (after 4-6 months):

  • Support working group initiatives and tasks; mutually agreed with working group members and the core team

II. Organisational Development, Strategy and Fundraising

Starting responsibilities:

  • Maintain and coordinate a sustainable work structure, in consultation with core group and steering committee
  • Support and (when requested) coordinate the preparations and process for strategy reviews and/or organisational development when required, in consultation with core group and steering committee
  • Where necessary, create documentation/resources to assist processes and their implementation
  • Collaborate with the core team and steering committee to implement

Additional responsibilities (after 4-6 months):

  • Support HOME to design and implement membership structures and internally review strategic materials
  • Support and (when requested) coordinate core team and steering committee on HOME’s fundraising efforts and when relevant, advise on financial and budget allocation decisions

III. Communication and Capacity-building with HOME signatories & allies

Starting responsibilities:

  • Follow the developments of geoengineering across R&D, webinars and events, academic literature and media articles, supporting with internal knowledge and awareness
  • Maintain regular contact and engagement with HOME signatories and members by sharing information, news and updates, and to engage/activate them for specific activities.

Additional responsibilities (after 4-6 months):

  • Coordinate and maintain regional/international engagement, with considerate participation practices, relevant to HOME’s strategic priorities
  • E.g. Host a General Assembly every 4 months (with Spanish / French translation);
  • E.g. Design and create educational resources or regional briefings.

IV. Outreach and Campaigning

Starting responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the steering committee to maintain regional/international outreach and expand membership
  • Support allies by participating and representing HOME in ally-led events
  • Participate in meetings hosted by allied networks (Demand Climate Justice, Global Gas and Oil Network etc.)
  • Support HOME’s strategic initiatives for relevant intergovernmental forums (COP, CBD, UNEA, IPCC, Human Rights Council etc.);
  • Support priority campaigns; coordinate activities and (when relevant) create materials e.g. Open letters, briefings etc.

Additional responsibilities (after 4-6 months):

  • Represent HOME in public meetings, fora and media as mutually agreed with the Core Team / Steering Committee

V. Liaison to GeoengineeringMonitor and Interactive Map

Starting responsibilities:

  • Liaise with the geomon editor on the maintenance of geoengineering monitor website and social media
  • Support with article writing on HOME’s priority matters
  • Support with preparing social media on HOME’s priority matters
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