Support Indigenous Peoples calling for Harvard to shut down the SCoPEx solar geoengineering project

Photo Credit: Arctic Council Secretariat / Linnea Nordström Creative Commons License

A letter from the Saami Council to Harvard calls on Harvard to cancel the SCoPEx solar geoengineering experiment.

Signed by over 35 Indigenous organizations the letter states, “solar geoengineering strongly contradicts our understanding and experience of how to respect and live in harmony with nature. The essence of solar geoengineering technology is composed of unknown risks we cannot take as a global community, for the sake of our future generations to come. What we need is real and notable action that deals with addressing the root cause of the climate crisis and solar geoengineering does not.”

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In late February, the Saami Council together with environmental organizations in Sweden sent an open letter to the SCoPEx advisory committee and underlined that there are no acceptable reasons to allow the SCoPEx project to be conducted in Sweden or elsewhere.

Following the cancellation of the SCoPEx test flight scheduled for June in Giron, a Swedish part of Sápmi, the SCoPEx Advisory committee announced plans for expanded “listening-based engagement activities” in Sweden to better understand Swedish and Indigenous perspectives.

This letter makes clear that Saami do not approve of legitimizing development of solar geoengineering technology in Saami territories or anywhere else.

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