Atmospheric geoengineering: a technofix for the climate? (video)

Large-scale technological interventions to “fix” the climate crisis are moving up on the political agenda. Some climate scientists are now proposing geoengineering interventions in the atmosphere to suppress global warming – most prominently SAI (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection): The idea here is to inject inorganic particles – such as sulphur dioxide – into the stratosphere to block incoming sunlight.

In other schemes, plastic beads and other materials are proposed to cover ice surfaces to prevent them from melting. These schemes to manipulate our ecosystems come with great risks and uncertainties, as well as with foreseeable adverse impacts on our natural ecosystems and human communities depending on them.

Part III of “A technofix for the climate?” presents SAI as a method of Solar Radiation Management and focusses on the risks, negative impacts and potential side-effects of this “solution” for tackling climate change. These include severe implications for international peace and security.

See more on geoengineering from Heinrich Boell Foundation.

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