HOME! Alliance SB60 media advisory | Geoengineering: A Dangerous Climate Fix

10 June | 12 Noon CEST

Geoengineering is a set of risky technological proposals attempting to mask some of the symptoms of the climate crisis. The proposals imply many environmental and socio-economic risks, and are also used to divert attention away from addressing the real causes of climate change,while creating new business opportunities, mainly  for the same actors that caused climate change. As the second week of negotiations begin at SB60 intersessions, discussions and negotiations are heating up and geoengineering dangerous proposals are  also  on the agenda.

Join us as we share how the geoengineering technofixes have been creeping up in UNFCCC negotiations, and how other UN spaces like the United Nations Environment Assembly, Convention on Biological Diversity are looking at it. It’s not just the halls of UN, also illegal outdoor experiments to manipulate the climate are taking place across the globe impacting communities, territories and Indigenous Peoples land, water and air. 

Date: 10 June

Time: 12 Noon CEST

Location: Room Nairobi 4 and Online Link


Silvia Ribeiro ETC Group

Niclas Hällström, WhatNext?

Mary Church, CIEL

Panganga Pungowiyi, Indigenous Environmental Network


Liane Schalatek , HBF

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