Climate Justice Law Session: Geoengineering and the climate crisis

Environmental and human rights risks posed by geoengineering and potential litigation opportunities

– Kate Cook, Matrix Chambers
– Carroll Muffett, CIEL
– Åsa Larsson Blind, Saami

Council Facilitator: Gita Parihar, Climate Justice Fund

The impacts of the climate emergency worsen and accelerate daily. In response to the urgency, some are advocating for the use of“geoengineering technologies” to intervene in and alter natural systems.

However, geoengineering technologies create serious risks in their own right, for the climate, for the environment and human rights. Geoengineering experiments are currently taking place in different parts of the globe, often with limited transparency and public participation, creating uncertainty as to their compliance with international and domestic legal and regulatory requirements.

This climate justice law session will feature expert lawyers and a leader of the Saami Council who will discuss how international law applies to geoengineering technologies and how indigenous peoples and organisations are defending their rights and territories in light of these new threats.

The panel discussion will be followed by an open discussion. This event is hosted by the Center for International Environmental Law, the Climate Justice Fund and the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

Climate Justice Fund: Center for International Environmental Law:

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