Don’t Geoengineer Africa! African civil society mobilising against new threats to Mother Earth

Africa is being targeted by various actors as a testing ground for some of the most controversial technologies ever conceived of, and that is why on Earth Day we’re hosting a discussion on the grave and existential threat that geoengineering technologies pose to the people of Africa and the Earth as a whole. 

The webinar will feature a presentation on the recently-launched ‘Don’t Geoengineer Africa’ briefing, as well as discussions on the different forms of geoengineering and how they would impact the oceans, land and the atmosphere. We will also celebrate several recent victories against the push for geoengineering, and discuss how to continue mobilising against these dangerous distractions in different climate spaces and places where projects are taking place across the continent.

Please join us and also spread the word to other groups who might be interested in learning more about this important topic!


Moderator: Josue Aruna | Congo Basin Conservation Society (CBCS)

Mfoniso Antia | Hands off Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF)

Kwami Kponzo | Global Forest Coalition (GFC) 

Erica Njuguna | Climate justice organizer & campaigner

Mary Church | Centre for International Environmental Law (CIEL)

Ubrei-Joe Maimoni | Friends of the Earth Africa (FoEA)

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